GCA-1001 SOURIRES will not participate in the Final Rush

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Moored in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria since episode 3 of the Pro Sailing Tour, the Ocean Fifty Groupe GCA – 1001 Sourires was supposed to reach Toulon this week in order to take part in the last meeting of this new circuit, the Final Rush, an offshore crewed race between Toulon and Brest.

A technical problem on board does not finally allow the trimaran to continue the adventure and forces it to return directly to its home port of Saint-Malo.

Gilles Lamiré, skipper of GCA-1001 Sourires, disappointed not to be able to continue the circuit, explains the situation:

“I announce with great sadness our decision not to participate in the Final Rush of the Pro Sailing Tour Toulon/Brest which will start on Sunday, August 1st.
The main reason is that we have a big technical problem on the boat. In the Canary Islands, we realized while rigging the sails for the trip to the Mediterranean that there was a problem with the rigging. After an inspection I can’t be sure of its integrity. So I took the decision to bring the trimaran back to Saint-Malo in slow delivery mode to avoid taking any risks.
We are very disappointed because we have invested a lot in the Pro Sailing Tour. We really liked this new circuit for the Ocean Fifty class. After the Canary Islands episode, I was really satisfied with my crew and I had already set myself the goal of meeting again in 2022 in better conditions. The boat is exceptional but this year we were missing some training. So we will do everything to find additional means for next year.
This first edition of the Pro Sailing Tour brings together crews of very high quality, it is a competition with a very high level of competition both in inshore and offshore races.
For the Ocean Fifty, this circuit is an excellent way to make ourselves known and to share our sport with the general public!
I would like to thank the crew who accompanied me to Brest, La Rochelle and the Canaries and who gave their best!

I wish the other 6 crews of the class a great final and I can’t wait to know the winner of this 1st edition which can still hold many surprises!”

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