Gilles Lamiré



« The first edition in 2021 was for me a fruitful experience, I am more an offshore sailor than an inshore sailor and thanks to the first season I gained new knowledge and new automatism that I didn’t have before. I will start this second season with a great enthusiasm. The 2022 PST takes us on a fabulous circuit from the Mediterranean Sea to the Manche and gathers 7 Ocean Fifty with great sailors on board .
The level of the competition is very high. I know that I still have to learn a lot. This new edition will be the opportunity to improve myself and the opportunity to sail at maximum to train for « la route du Rhum destination Guadeloupe »


Skipper of the “GCA- 1001 SOURIRES” GROUP, Gilles Lamiré has been a specialist of multihulls for more than 15 years. He has a huge experience as far as offshore races are concerned: he took part four times in the « Route du Rhum » as well as in the « Transat Jacques Vabre ». From years to years, he enriched his list: in 2016 he was the winner of the legendary “English Transat” and in 2019 he was the winner of the « Transat Jacques Vabre».


Bateau GCA vers l'horizon


Two years ago, when he took the helm of the “GCA-1001 SOURIRES” Group, the skipper from « Cancal » wanted to campaign for a winning and supportive program.

On the one hand, his partner the GCA Group, first supplier of Toyota and Lexus in France decided to assign him one of the most challenging trimarans of the tour.

On the other hand, Gilles Lamiré wanted to sail under the “1001 Sourires” banner so that most of the people knows the needs and the action of this association which helps ill and disabled children and their families.