Erwan Le Roux



« It is important to encourage women to choose their discipline, to turn the practice of sport into a cooperation between men and women, so that everybody can express its own skill as far as physical commitment, agility, tactics, leadership or team spirit are concerned. The Ocean fifty is an ideal support because it needs a practice with head and not only muscles and in my opinion we have a closely knit and performing team which is one of the key to success on this 2022 PST ».



Almost winner of the whole Ocean fifty races from 2010 to 2018, Erwan Le Roux made his come back during the 2021 PST under the banner of « Ciela Village. In 2022, the multihull of the « Trinitain » adopts the color of Koesio, specialist of the holiday in the heart Nature. And if the first edition of the tour allowed him to tame his new mount with a fourth rank, the second edition will definitely be under the sign of performance with the podium in his mind. To reach his objective, the sailor made up a solid, compatible, determined… and mixed team.


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The Trinitan now wants to write his story around the planet and dreams of the Vendée Globe, a legendary event that he has already touched on during the last edition after being appointed replacement skipper of Clarisse Crémer whom he accompanied during his preparation. Erwan Le Roux is not only endowed with the ability to pilot extreme boats or manage a team, he also stands out by remarkably mastering the main techniques for optimizing performance. Qualities that make him a formidable and feared sailor, even after two years away from the Ocean Fifty circuit.