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The Pro Sailing Tour is a unique, spectacular and innovative sports event.

The circuit will be the opportunity to produce a report series about the Pro Sailing Tour and the outstanding human adventure of the competition; the objective is to offer an immersive experience to the audience close to action and emotions. It will come from the creation and the development of a powerful story materialized by the production of the OCEAN FIFTY series dedicated to television platforms.

The Pro Sailing Tour will be accessible to the fans and will meet people in settling for a few days in the heart of iconic French and international cities.

The 2021 edition of the Pro Sailing Tour will have a stop  in Brest, La Rochelle, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  and will end with an offshore final race from Toulon to the harbour of Brest.

GCA double ARSEP


« OCEAN FIFTY » is the first report series in total immersion with the 6 teams of professional sailors during the most performing and dramatic trimarans existing competition sail races.

From Brest to Toulon, after a stop in La Rochelle, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, each episode will enable the audience to follow up, for the first time, the daily life of the 30 crew members and of the 6 boats of the competition. Despite of a crazy beat for soul and body their daily life will be shot from the start to the final podium.

The production of the Ocean Fifty report series aims at reaching a new audience and generalizing sail competition in showing the daily life of men and women who live for their passion about sport, seas and oceans. Those sailors are not only inspiring and determined but also  high level  sportsmen,  passionate defenders of environment  and  committed citizens »  

Edouard MAURIAT, Producer and Director.


In each different episode, The PRO SAILING TOUR will promote the welcoming territories.  During 5 days, the cities, the metropolis, the departments and the regions as well as the people and their cultural specificities will be under the spotlights and very close to the “Actors of the sea”!

During each stop and in respect of the sanitary conditions, the fans will have the opportunity to take part in inshore regattas on board of sail boats and speedboats in the heart of the race.

Starting 2022, and depending on the evolution of the sanitary crisis, a hospitality village will be settled in addition to the life base and will make possible meetings between crew members and fans on subjects chosen by the sponsors and the public institutions.

Ocean Fifty Logo


The OCEAN FIFTY Class is made of spectacular and accessible multihulls especially designed for offshore races. This class is made of both 15-metre large and long boats with performing technologies which enable to take off and reach record speeds to challenge the competition.

This class of boats is the only one to welcome guests on board during the regatta, it is accessible for people and aims to raise public awareness on corporate social responsibility values not only for environment, gender equality but also for medical research commitment.

The OCEAN FIFTY is in constant progress and in 2021 added to the Pro Sailing Tour competition two extra boats to the 5 already existing in 2020.