Thibaut Vauchel-Camus



« We started The first season with growing impatience to discover a new circuit with a promising and enriching format for our boats in very new locations.
The sanitary conditions didn’t help us in terms of timing as far as the technical preparation of « Solidaires en peloton –Arsep » was concerned and it was hard to us for the first two challenges. In The « Canaries » we demonstrated our best capacities to push further during the final rush.
Anyway, the motivation and the skill of our crew and the open strategy performed during the first season divine growing ambitions for the second season! And as all the teams agree it’s going to be gorgeous. We will have the opportunity to sail in new locations such as Corsica, the island of Wight and to find back emblematic places with Brest and the bay of Saint Brieuc. We are looking forward to discovering the TV report series of the first season because it was very new to welcome on board Mediamen to share our discipline with the audience and to offer golden sequences of sailing and of life on board! »


Thibault was born in 1978 and grew up in Guadeloupe in a family of horse-riding teachers. He discovered sailing when he was 10 during a holiday in Brittany and at the age of 19 joined the youth athletics training school (“Pôle espoir”) in France at the « ENV ». He became five times champion of France in F18, then he helped Yvan Bourgnon and his friend Fred Duthil. These sailors developed his taste for offshore races.


Bateau ARSEP vue aérienne


En 2012, Thibaut Vauchel-Camus crée avec Victorien Erussard le Défi Voile Solidaires En Peloton, marque sportive de la Fondation ARSEP, pour porter le message d’espoir «Vaincre ensemble la sclérose en plaques», faire naviguer des patients et récolter des dons pour la recherche médicale. C’est à bord de son plan VPLP, construit et mis à l’eau en 2018 à Dubaï, que Thibaut et son équipe disputeront la première saison du Pro Sailing Tour.