Brittany « mother » of offshore races

After Brest in 2021, the Pro sailing tour makes its strong come back on the Brittany coast, on the Northern coast and in the « Manche » basin. Whole Brittany will welcome the tour with 3 stops Brest, Saint Brieuc bay and Roscoff for the final race: the faithful audience keen on sensations, but also the nautical industry companies which build and equip the boats (1500), companies which train the competitors , offshore « Port la Forêt » and « Concarneau », the

Brittany sailing valley made of 210 companies specialized in offshore races and their teams between Vannes , Lorient and Brest. The Nautical industry in Brittany represents 160 marinas welcoming each year 50 000 yachtsmen, 35 nautical centers and 750 service providers who offer about 4000 leisure activities a year for more than 1 Million of beginners or boat lovers followers. A complete Eco system whose motto could be: in each sailor is a budding star or an innovative contractor!

At the fifth rank in the worldwide classification thanks to the magnitude of its tides, the bay of Saint Brieuc offers to share numerous experiences in the heart of a preserved natural landscape. In this space of freedom where everything appears intense, the practice of outdoor sports makes sense. You can also practice full of nautical sports and welcome famous sport events.

The Ocean fifty and Saint quay Portrieux shared a common history over the past years. In 2022, we will welcome these exceptional boats in a new format: a circuit in four steps with great challenges, halves next to the coasts, but also offshore races days which will challenge the skippers’ technical skills. « I am glad that the harbor of Armor will welcome the Ocean Fifty Class again » says Thierry Simelière, « maire of Saint-Quay Portrieux” and President of the “syndicat portuaire ». «This stop highlights the quality of our equipment, our basin, but also the nautical ambition of the area in welcoming famous events and in making sailing an accessible discipline and a holiday time for everyone. »



«Brittany, nautical land, always has at heart to welcome new races on its coasts and I am glad that the second edition of the Pro Sailing Tour roots this summer in three of our harbors. I am more than happy that the stops and regattas remain several days in Brest, Saint Brieuc and Roscoff leaving time to the audience to walk on pontoons and seaside, to discover the places to see the boats and to meet the skippers. »

Loïg Chesnais-Girard,
Président de la Région Bretagne

«The audience will have the opportunity to vibrate at the rhythm of the Ocean Fifty races which will meet us in Saint Quay Portrieux next July.

These giants of the seas are high technical, impressive and magnificent sailing boats. The skippers are high-level sportsmen who are accessible and close to the audience.

This is definitely this Pro sailing Tour spirit which is interesting; it allows us to share the crew experiences during the races thanks to its immersive concept which makes the competition accessible and makes us dream. »

Christine Metois Le Bras
de Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomération