Located in the back of a shadowed narrows and surrounded by lime cliffs, the harbor of Bonifacio has a rich past and is proud of its modernity. It has become an essential yachting location.
Its citadel is flanked by a rock outcrop and is the witness of a historical Genoese past and is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean locations. In 2014, It was classified in the top 5 of Mediterranean harbors and the first Corsican harbor by the trade magazine « Voile Magazine » for its welcome and its services.
Coming to Bonifacio by the sea is the way to discover one of the most idyllic and unique environments in the world.

« I and all the « « Bonifaciens » are definitely supporting this Eco responsible regional challenge, scheduled in mid-season and gathering 24 top level sailors!
I am glad of this partnership that will also be beneficial for all worldwide visitors. It’s time to stay the course in building a sustainable boating in favor of the generations to come! »

Jean-Charles Orsucci
Maire de Bonifacio

© photo Sébastien Aude