Arkema first in Roscoff!


At 10:58:40 on Saturday 9th July, Quentin Vlamynck, Mayeul Riffet and Etienne Carra sailing on board the Ocean Fifty Arkema crossed the finish line in pole position. The Final Rush (940 miles), was covered in 2 days 14h 59mn and 15s from Cowes on the Isle of Wight to reach Morlaix Bay via the Fastnet, the Skellig Islands, the Birvideaux lighthouse to the north of Belle-île and the chaussée de Sein.

Arkema was chased down by both Leyton and Koesio, who came back into contact early yesterday evening at the tip of Brittany, but was able to keep a cool head and retain the leadership. The duel for second and third turned into a hard fought match race with Leyton edging mere boat lengths ahead to take second place finish. Koesio finish third 18s later

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