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A new and original event


The Pro Sailing Tour is a new and original event. This sailing race circuit, mixing both Inshore and Offshore is dedicated́ exclusively to OCEAN FIFTY, exceptional multihulls of more than 15 meters, fast, powerful and spectacular. The format of the Pro Sailing Tour as well as the stages have been designed to enhance the capacities of the boats and the skippers’ skills and to guarantee a competitive race until the last race. Whether on the Atlantic, the Mediterranean or the English Channel, off the French and British coasts, the 8 teams will be able to shine in sports and defend the environmental and social causes for which they are committed. The competition will also be the subject of a filming retracing the Pro Sailing Tour season 2 and its exceptional human adventures. The objective is to give the general public a totally immersive experience, as close as possible to the action, as close as possible to the emotions. This is done through the creation and development of a powerful narrative materialized by the production and direction of the docu-series “OCEAN FIFTY”.

An immersive TV series

“OCEAN FIFTY” is the first TV series to take place in the heart of the crews of professional racers sailing on the most spectacular and high-performance trimarans in competitive sailing.
From Bonifacio to Roscoff, passing through Brest, Cowes or the Bay of St-Brieuc, each episode will allow the general public to follow the daily life of the crew members of the 8 boats involved despite an intense rhythm that exhausts nerves and bodies, until the final podium, marking the end of each episode.

Our objective with the production of the TV series “Ocean Fifty” is to reach a new audience and to democratize competitive sailing by revealing the daily lives of men and women who live from their passion for their sport, for the sea and the oceans. Sailors who are both top-level athletes and passionate defenders of the environment, citizens committed to societal causes, inspiring and determined. ”

Edouard MAURIAT,

Producer and Director.

In the heart of the cities


The PRO SAILING TOUR aims to highlight the territories hosting the episodes. During 5 days, the Cities, Metropolises, Departments and Regions will be under the spotlight as well as their population and their cultural particularities, as close as possible to the actors of the sea!

During each stage, and in compliance with the health protocols in force, the public will also be able to attend the coastal regattas that take place on Thursdays and Fridays from sailing boats and passenger launches, which will be placed in the heart of the race.

Depending on the evolution of the health crisis, a “hospitality village” space will be installed́ in addition to the “life base” and will allow meetings between the crews and the general public on themes chosen by the partners and public institutions.

The OCEAN FIFTY class gathers spectacular and accessible multihulls, cut out for the open sea. This class is composed of boats of 15 meters in length and width, equipped with powerful technologies that allow them to take off and reach record speeds, thus stimulating competition. The only class to take guests on board during the regattas, it seeks to remain accessible and to raise awareness of CSR values, oriented towards the environment, gender equality but also commitment to medical research.