“We are going to take the races one after the other and if we gain consistency, the classification will speak for itself.”

« The fisrt edition of the PST was a bit contrasted with both a mix of good and less good achievements .The team was indeed in trouble during the first stop in Brest because of our dismantling. It was a hard time but it was also unifying for the team who found the amazing energy to go on in La Rochelle and gained the second rank. This episode in La Rochelle also brought us self confidence to be among the first and to win two beautiful halves. Then in Las Palmas and in Toulon we did well but we were not regular enough to go up the general classification. »
This firth rank at the final classification, equally with Koesio leaves us a high degree of frustration.
The second season of the PST will start very soon and we have a lot of desires. Our team will be slightly different from 2021; tactically speaking I will be with Matthieu Souben with who I won last winter the « Transat Jacques Vabre » in the Ocean Fifty « class. JB (Jean Baptiste Gellée) will once more take care about the adjustments. Our team will be reinforced with Pierre Quiroga and Mathieu Salomon; Pierre had a wonderful victory on the »Solitaire du Figaro » . He will handle the adjustments and will sail during the offshore races. As far as Mathieu is concerned he will be number one and will bring us his experience of sailor and of team racer.
Our objective is to get higher in the general classification, to be more regular both in offshore and inshore races. We will experiment the races one by one and if we gain in consistence, the classification will be significant. »

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Sébastien Rogues is a professional skipper; he is the ship-owner of the Primonial trimaran and the leader of the Primonial Sail Team created in 2009.
In more than 10-year career, Sébastien Rogues performed in Mono-hulls (mini 6,50, 40 Class) and flying multihulls (GC32, Flying Phantom). He was the youngest winner of the « Transat Jacques Vabre » in 2013.

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