Portrait of Thibault Vauchel-Camus – SOLIDAIRES EN PELOTON – ARSEP


New portrait, here is THIBAUT VAUCHEL-CAMUS. 🇫🇷

He discovered sailing when he was 10 during a holiday in Brittany and at the age of 19 joined the youth athletics training school (“Pôle espoir”) in France at the « ENV ».

He became five times champion of France in F18, in 2012, he created the “Voiles Solidaires En Peloton” challenge, sports brand of the ARSEP Foundation, to carry out the hopeful message « Defeat together the multiple sclerosis », and in order to help patients to sail and to gather donations for medical research. 🔬🤝

As a project manager and a skipper, it is very exciting to take part in such an original tour, geographically perfect and very communicative for our sponsors, our fans and patients suffering from multiple sclerosis”. Thibaut Vauchel-Camus. ⛵️🌊

©Benjamin Sellier

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