Bon Départ for the Final Rush from Cowes


15 knots of breeze NW breeze, outgoing tide and sunshine; one could not have wished for better conditions for the start of the Pro Sailing Tour Final Rush. The six Ocean Fifty trimarans lined up on the Royal Yacht Squadron start and set off West out the Solent for they 940 mile race to Roscoff.

On one leg, upwind, the big 50-foot trimarans put on a show in Cowes, home of sailing. Ten minutes before the start, the Royal Yacht Squadron sounded the first cannon for the orange flag as the multihulls prepared for the start line. Guns were fired at 5 minutes, then 4 minutes, and 1 minute with the groaning sheets rubbing against the winches echoing across Cowes harbour. The fleet then accelerated at full pelt as the RedJet and Red Funnel ferried their passengers to Cowes.

Leyton took lead the fleet off the start line followed by Komilfo, Koesio, Solidaires En Peloton-ARSEP, Arkema and Groupe GCA-1001 Sourires… A magical moment the spectators enjoying the sight along the parade from Royal Yacht Squadron!

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