Leyton first in Cowes

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At 9.12am French time, the Royal Yacht Squadron’s canon fired the on the Solent announcing that Ocean Fifty Leyton had crossed the line first in Cowes. Right to the finish, this 515-mile Offshore Challenge to the Isle of Wight will have been undecided, as the leading pack has been racing relentlessly since the start in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc last Sunday.

Shortly before midnight, Sam Goodchild’s crew managed to take the lead at Start Point in perfect sailing conditions, allowing the multihulls to reach speeds of up to 25 knots. Following by Arkema, then Koesio and Primonial, the orange and blue Ocean Fifty didn’t make a single mistake. At 3am, at the Needles, Quentin Vlamynck’s crew came very close to regaining the lead. This was followed by a crazy race at sunrise along the south coast of the Isle of Wight. At 5:30 am, as they passed the last mark on the course, the Owers South cardinal, Leyton had a 2 mile lead over his rivals and was entering the Solent still in pole position against the current and in a light breeze. Cowes welcomed the 7 trimarans this morning in idyllic conditions. A great moment on this Pro Sailing Tour 2022!

British sailor Sam Goodchild takes line honours as Pro Sailing Tour fleet arrives in Cowes
Cowes course will be a true test


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